In this competitive and challenging business world, many early childhood entrepreneurs face the challenges in terms of:

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With Dragonfly

We have gone through all the frontiers of challenges and hardships when establishing a new business, but you are NOT going to repeat and experience what we have experienced before.

With Dragonfly, a trustworthy and respected brand in the market, we will give you peace of mind to grow together and to get rid of all the above-specified challenges.

At Dragonfly, we have our passionate and innovative R&D team who will continuously develop new programs and creative teaching materials to ensure the children having the best learning experience.

Your teachers will be competently be trained to teach creatively as well as to engage the children with interactive activities, as we will ensure that they will regularly get necessary training each year.

Your teachers will be trained periodically by our in-house trainers to professionally teach and conduct the lessons to the young children's best benefits.

You will also be equipped with the necessary knowledge of early childhood education through multiple learning platforms delivered by in-house and outsource professionals.

Dragonfly's programmes designed to allow young children to learn through quality experience. Dragonfly's Experiential Programme promotes children's total involvement in exploring the environment around them, stimulating their individual's perception as well as their developmental domains.

Learning takes place through experience and needs hands-on activities that directly relate to the learner's life. Experiential education programme empowers the young children's learning through doing, reflecting and learning from the process.


Dragonfly's teaching materials are customized to cater to age-appropriate needs, containing a series of physical objects that progressively aid the children to reach their full potential and at the same time building the children's characteristics and moral values.