Our Programme & Facilities

At Dragonfly, our vision is to foster children to be caring, independent and confident (CIC) to become future leaders. Therefore, our programs, environment with facilities and teaching resources are designed…

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Day-to-day Lesson Plan

In order to create a stimulating learning environment for our children, our passionate and innovative in-house R&D teams has been continuously developing a series of programmes and creative teaching materials…

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Teachers’ Training

In order to assure that teaching quality of our teachers, we conduct training periodically so that our teachers are completely trained to teach creatively and committedly engaging children with various…

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Our Qualities And Standard

At Dragonfly, we strive to ensure the efficiency, quality and uniformity of the schools’ operations. Therefore, each school is equipped with the comprehensive operations manual which includes a step-to-step guidance…

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Protective Features

In order to provide a safe environment for our children, every corner in the school is designed with the protective features because the children's safety is our main concern

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Our Teachers

At Dragonfly, our teachers play important roles in developing values and characters of the children. Therefore, we are stemming strong in creating values for our teachers by offering opportunities for…

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Our Cultures

We believe that behind every successful organization is a strong culture, great leadership and passionate, committed people with the shared values, attitudes, standards and beliefs.

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